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Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Am Technologically Challenged

To anyone that has been reading this, I am stating the obvious. I cannot figure out how to get the posts to the top of the page when the full blog is visible. I had changed the font size to small, which worked for a bit, but has now failed. I will NOT change it to tiny, I have to be able to read it.

I am in sheer terror of adding 'links' to the side, even though blogger has a very easy explanation of how to do so, it isn't so 'easy' for me when I look at all the codes in html. Luckily, my son will be home from college next weekend, he has no clue to what awaits him...

With that said, I just found a new blog via Instapundit, which I will add to my links, whenever I can get them! http://bloodybasinobserver.blogspot.com/ . I like all of his posts so far, especially the one that Glenn linked to, http://bloodybasinobserver.blogspot.com/2004/10/instapundit-better-off-if-kerry-wins.html

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