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Saturday, October 16, 2004

More On Poll Results

I was surfing around, reading some of my favorite bloggers. On Daily Pundit, I came across this post on the 15%'ers, http://www.dailypundit.com/archives/015582.php#015582 . Reading the comments, all of which were quite good, I came across one by Steven Den Beste, who's site I miss greatly, but would NEVER consider writing to! (to anyone who is reading this, DO NOT WRITE to him. Anyways, Dr. Den Beste, link is found in the title, came up with a very interesting graph of Real Cool Politics of Presidential Polls, over the past month.

If you haven't read Steven Den Beste, here is one of my favorites, http://denbeste.nu/cd_log_entries/2002/08/Jacksonianforeignpolicy.shtml . Just don't write him, thanks.

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