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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Team America

I don't do movies, really! It's my idea of a really BAD date. I've probably seen 20 plays, musicals, at live theaters, since I last stepped inside a movie theater. I believe the last movie I saw in a theater was, The Lion King, and only then because my children were too young to go themselves, and they HAD to see it. It's the 'hearing thing,' very easy to get lost in a movie, I use captioning at home. Live theater is like having an old fashioned priest, who doesn't need the mic to get to the back of the basillica-he WANTS you to hear him.

So what brought me to the point that I'm actually paying my own way? Instapundit, http://instapundit.com/archives/018472.php sending readers to Roger Simon's review, linked in title, read the WHOLE thing at his site:

The good news, however, is that the first major studio release about the War on Terror is actually in favor of the war. Even though Team America accidentally destroys the Louvre and the Sphinx, among numerous other monuments of civilization, and seems to revel in or be oblivious to collateral damage of all sorts, you know they are doing the right thing in the end. Terrorists are seen as objects of derision, of course. But the true targets of the filmmakers' venom are the narcissistic Hollywood actors who pretend to oppose the war but who are actually... I believe it was Glenn Reynolds who wrote this originally... on the other side -

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