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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

2005 was a year of mixed blessings and curses. I guess all years are. I've noticed that as I have become older, I like New Year's Eve less and New Year's Day more.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I'm working on a return. In the meantime, say a prayer or many for Captain Ed's wife, who is having transplant difficulties.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What Victory Might Look Like in the War on Terror

TigerHawk has set forth his vision of what victory might include. This is a 'must read.' The not so loyal opposition keeps up their calls for 'benchmarks,' though are very short on defining what they should be. This is an excellent place to begin to define when the end of the beginning has occurred and the beginning of the end is in sight.

One can see where we stand today:

Over the short-term

a. Arrest or kill the jihadis whenever and wherever possible. Yes, their network will route around the damage, but new fighters need to be trained and trusted enough to deploy. When we destroy the old guard we buy critical time.

b. Coerce Muslim states, including especially the clown regimes, into cooperating with the United States. If successful coercion requires that the United States stake its own credibility -- as in Iraq -- so be it.

c. Interdict states, Muslim or otherwise, that we cannot reliably deter from assisting jihadis to acquire and deploy WMD.

d. Do not lose a chance to humiliate al Qaeda on the battlefield.

Each of these methods will inspire -- and have inspired -- resentment in the Muslim world and, indeed, among anti-Americans in the West. While that resentment costs us something and more skillful management of the war might mitigate it, we cannot allow the resentment of others to stay our prosecution of the war.

Over the long-term

x. Give the average Muslim an idea worth fighting for. Average Abdul need not "like" the United States or give us "credit" in any way, shape or form for this strategy to work. He only needs to want to choose his own government and have an idea how to do that.

y. As the winds of history sweep away clown regimes, see that credible, serious, non-jihadi governments take their place. These governments need not be secular, and their institutions do not have to be instantly mature. But they need to be credible and serious, and derive their legitimacy from a broad swath of the population willing to defend them against jihad.

z. We must do what we can to humiliate al Qaeda on the battlefield and foster the repudiation of jihadi ideology in the Muslim world. While public diplomacy may help, one lesson of Iraq is that al Qaeda will discredit itself if we goad it into fighting in the Muslim world rather than in the West. By some accounts, bin Laden wanted the United States to invade Iraq, thinking that it would be a strategic trap for the Americans. If al Qaeda fails to stop the new democracy there, however, Iraq will have been a strategic trap for bin Laden.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

With This

Watch this space. I've got an new computer and some new gripes. I think it may be time to come back.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'll be posting more in a short while, still recovering from what I had considered trauma at home and school. Then this hit. I don't have 'real' problems, I doubt most of you do either. Parents get sick and die. Children go to college and run into opportunities and challenges. Our classes are great, 'normal', or less than normal.

That is life, at least in the US. Then there was this, and I realized that if my home and school were gone, well...


Click on "Third Tour", Lower on the page is First and Second Tour.

I've donated to THE RED CROSS

I'll say upfront, I've been unhappy with the Red Cross, especially the IRC on several fronts, yet there is no group I know of more qualified to be dealing with they types of issues that the refugees will be facing, now and in the future. The American Red Cross will be there.

The Salvation Army will also be there, especially for any that have 'something' to return to. They will be there with brooms, mops, donuts, coffee, and a real person to talk to.

There are many excellent charitable organizations to help, use commonsense and make sure your dollars are going to those that do help:


We were there for the tsunami, we've given for Dahfur and others. This is home. These are Americans, albeit with some acting very badly, (I'll echo Glenn, shoot to kill makes sense for those that are not doing looting for 'survival').

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Carnival of Education

Really worth reading, whether you are a teacher, parent, or student. Heck even 'just a tax payer' should take a look.

Updated 7/24/05

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Week 10: Carnival of Education

Worthy of post!

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