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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Illegal Immigrants and the DOD

Michelle Malkin has again written on our borders, especially the one to the South. I can understand people wanting a better life and coming to the US, all of my grandparents did so. Actually, my great-grandparents sent them here, one as young as 12, in order to prevent starvation, but that's another story.

Similarly to the women in the post above, one of my grandfathers landed at Ellis Island and was pressed into service with the US Navy, in the Spanish-American War. The similarity ends though with the legality, they all entered the US under the immigration rules at the time. My grandfather did not 'steal' someone else's identification in order to fast track to citizenship.

While I support the re-election of GW, I disagree, strongly with his stand on our borders and 'work cards' or whatever he's now pushing. It reminds me of gun registration, only the law abiding by definition, will follow the rules. There is no reason to think these programs would work any better than the student visas did, which actually could have been tracked down, if the INS was so inclined.

Be sure to follow Michelle's link to Town Hall, as that is a powerful article on its own.

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