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Monday, October 18, 2004

Michele At A Small Victory Adds A Thoughtful Post On The Iraq Photo Project

I titled my earlier post, 'Terrifying' for a reason, these people really do scare me. It gives me the willies that we share the same country, but that seemed harsh to write, earlier. Michele gives voice, actually several including Zeyad's on why these people seem so much the 'moonbats' that they are:


Let me insert something here, written by Zeyad at Healing Iraq.

Remember that you are completely blocked from the outside world, you only read newspapers and books allowed by the government, the rest are censored. You only watch state-sponspored tv channels. Websites that are 'unacceptable' are blocked by state-sponspored Internet providers. The government tells you that 'this is for your own good', they protect you from 'the other' which is trying to poison your thoughts, undermine your faith, and destroy your traditions. Your fellow countrymen who inadvertently step over the lines are strictly 'punished' by the state because they have become 'spies' and 'agents'. Anyone else who dares to ask for more liberties, reforms, who criticises or acts against the ruler/government/state is an enemy acting on behalf of Zionists and imperialists, or is part of a grand plan (that has been planned for centuries) against 'the revolution' or the historical role of the ummah/Caliph/Sultan/ruler/government/state.

The above situation is not out of George Orwell's 1984, it is what all Iraqis for the last 50 years had to endure.

Perhaps the good people of the Iraq photo project could go tell Zeyad that they are sorry he and his family no longer have to live like that.


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