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Monday, October 18, 2004

Broward Country-Democratic Stronghold of FL

Florida seems to me, second hand for sure, as my parents lived in Brevard County for only five years, to be one of the most divided states politically. Perhaps it's because so many come from either the Midwest or the East Coast for retirement?

Here is something, via Vodkapundit, http://vodkapundit.com/archives/006933.php that may give the Democrats pause, from i-imagery, linked in title:

...which may have prejudiced me when I was, the better part of a decade later, sitting in the reception room of the little day-spa here in South Florida. I was idly chatting with the receptionist while the massage therapist was performing her healing magic on my wife. Invariably, the proximity of the upcoming election demanded its share of attention. As the conversation took a tack in that direction, I prepared myself to defend my opinion of both Bush and Kerry in the least offensive manner possible and look for a way to change the topic. Of course, the receptionist immediately announced her disdain for President Bush. It looked like I was going to be right. When the conversation turned towards Kerry, however, I was surprised to see that she had even less of a palatable impression of *him*. I dared to edge the conversation towards some of the challenges we face in the world: Terrorism, the war in Iraq, our economy.
This is where the story ends, folks. She confessed to me that almost all of her friends were voting for Bush.
I was floored.
Wendy revealed to me later that her massage therapist seemed to be preoccupied with voter fraud here in Florida, which surprisingly enough was the Democratic Whine-du-Jour that day.
It will be a cold day in hell the day that a staunch liberal Democrat will drop the party line (or their ultra-conservative counterparts for that matter) but I was still stunned to see the reaction of this receptionist. When she admitted that to me, I could almost see the loose shingles on the roof of the Democratic house.
Here in Florida, that's a sign of certain trouble when a storm is on the way...

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