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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Cost of Waiting On the UN

Belmontclub, linked to above, nails why the attack on the administration regarding the 'explosives' is unfair, besides the fact that it isn't true. That John Kerry keeps at the lack of 'multi-national' support, ignoring that both Germany and France have made it very clear that they will not help him, anymore than they have Bush is a demonstration of his narcissism.

He fails to see that he not only has not engendered further support, but that he has singlehandledly guaranteed that if elected, he will lose the allies we do have. (For some reason it follows that those referred to as the coalition of the bribed, would not want to be part of a coalition led by him).

An observation: My 8th grade students are working on a debate of 4 issues: War on Terror, Iraq War, Homeland Security, and No Child Left Behind. The class was about 3/4 for Bush. Each group has 2 Kerry reps and at least 2 Bush reps. As the kids are pulling information, the Kerry supporters are getting upset, they are asking if 'this stuff is true?' Methinks they are going home and talking to their parents. One boy today, a Polish immigrant, became very upset, he could not believe what Kerry had said about the Eastern European contributions.

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