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Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Night

I have been at a crossroads for a long time. Teaching is important to me, I love my students and I really believe that our young people are the future. Yet, I majored in my subject areas for a reason, current events and politics also grab my interest; for the life of me I do not understand how they don't all adults. Blogging and trackbacks and gathering interests has been a problem. My blog is here and there.

I'm working on this. It may take two blogs, yet I hardly have time for the one. A few weeks ago I was up to an average of about 60 hits per day, then I started blogging education a bit and started falling. I can follow the current events and education, but can't fully blog both in real time. By blogging education I was learning more to teach my students and light a fire under the staff at my school. Quandry. I am both here and there, though neither here nor there.

How to get enough exposure in one or both spheres? Working on MS is time consuming, not too mention teaching full time. Also the family, which cannot afford to be neglected in reality, even if it is via diary. How much to share? If some of the readers that have been around for awhile would provide feedback, I'd love to hear from you, comments or email?

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