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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Stroll

If it’s Sunday, it’s time to look around for new ideas and enlightening articles and posts. I stopped by The Education Wonks and found this piece on students being pulled from class for ‘family fun time.’ Funny, that search gave all sorts of things for parents and children to do together on weekends and after school. We had one family that started their kids nearly five weeks after the beginning of school, to visit their family in Mexico. The mother stayed here in Illinois, while the kids stayed at the family ‘farm’ in the hills, playing with chickens and goats and riding bikes. Yes, these children will take the standardized test, including the 7th grader who basically missed the introduction to algebra.

From The Education Wonks, I was able to click over to hipteacher and after reading her post again, have pretty much decided to ask for the filters that are blocking blogs to be removed. This appears to be an excellent way to add to the writing to read program of the lower grades and the journaling required in the upper grades. The Carnival of Education has been a great addition to the blogosphere, my thanks and kudos to edwonks for hosting them.

From an email I received this week, I found myself back at a messageboard site I had forgotten about, Teacher Focus has a broad range of subject matter, teacher experience and grade levels. I know I’m going to keep checking in here. Speaking of found, but not knowing from where, I came across this nice little collection of useful links in my bookmarks. I am betting I found it at Teacher Focus.

After spending time perusing Number Two Pencil, there were too many of her posts to list. I liked an opening rant, always sure to get my attention. She linked to a university problem, which I think might be better laid at the feet of the writing to read movement, than the high schools, but heh, I teach middle school what do I know?

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