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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Children, Toys, & Marines

Found this via Blackfive, read it with tissues and be ready to smile! The author is right, we need the Blackfives and Iraq the Model, the Good News! from Iraq/Afghanistan via Chrenkoff, and all the rest!

The MSM is full of the bad news, but good things are getting done and it’s wonderful to hear when they do bring dividends for our soldiers and the people they serve!

IMPORTANT: Via B-5, Soldiers' Angel Robin - who leads the Armor Up program for Soldiers' Angels, needs four more kevlar blankets to give to a unit making it's second tour in Iraq. Each blanket costs $925 and meets DOD specs.

The last request came from an Army Infantry Captain (the former Commander of the unit) who was wounded and couldn't return with them.

Here's the Soldiers' Angels Armor Up page where you can donate via PayPal. And, as usual,when I post something like this, I have already donated to the Armor Up program today. The sooner the blankets get to the soldiers, the better.

So, donate if you can and pass on the link to the Armor Up page.
You can make a difference!

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