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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well Maybe I'll Get In Heaven!

I'm desperately trying to get a position in the public schools, strictly for salary. I have 3 children in state universities, each paying their own way with the help of loans and scholarship. However, since child support stopped when each turned 18, the parochial school salary is not cutting it. I had to LOL when I received this:

A young man dies and goes to Heaven, where he finds he is third inline at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter is taking a much-needed break,so an angel is admitting the newly arrived to Heaven.

The angel tells the three new arrivals that because so many drug dealers andother criminals have managed to sneak into Heaven that St. Peter mustnow be a little stricter with the screening process.

Each person is required to state his former occupation and tell his or her yearly salary.The first man in line says, "I earned $1 million last year. I was an actor."The angel says, "Okay, you may enter."

He turns to the woman in line and asks her about her life. She states, "I earned $250,000 as an attorney." The angel thinks for a moment and then lets her in, too.

He turns to the third one in line and asks, "What have you done with your life?" The man replies, "I earned $18,000 last year...""Oh?" the angel interrupts. "What did you teach?"

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