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Monday, November 15, 2004

On the Left

I am so upset, I think I’ll have to start a new blog, with bad language. This one can be too easily tracked back by parents of my students, dang by the students themselves. The French are not allies.

French President Jacques Chirac said in a newspaper interview on Tuesday that Britain has gained nothing from its support for the United States-led invasion of Iraq.

Chirac said he had urged Britain before the invasion to press President Bush revive the Middle East peace process in return for London's support.

"Well, Britain gave its support but I did not see much in return," Chirac was quoted as saying in the Times. "I am not sure that it is in the nature of our American friends at the moment to return favors systematically."

Let’s face it, Chirac is upset that the re-elected Bush may tell him to go f himself. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow. He can take Gerhard with him. BTW Grab the new Spanish appeaser too.

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