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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Iran Answers

What will be the European response?

. . .Iran insists its nuclear ambitions are limited to generating electricity from atomic power plants, not making bombs.
Tehran gave its response to the EU deal Thursday but there has been no announcement yet of a final agreement. EU diplomats say Iran has been trying to change some of the terms of the deal, including the scope of the enrichment suspension.
The International Atomic Energy Agency is due to release a report shortly on Iran's nuclear program ahead of an IAEA board meeting on Nov. 25.
The IAEA has found several potentially weapons-related activities in Iran but so far no "smoking gun" that points to a nuclear arms program.
Kharrazi said it was time for Iran's case to be closed.
"We have done all we could to cooperate with the agency. Most of the questions are addressed now. There is nothing more Iran can do … We think it is time to close Iran's case with the agency," he said.

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