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Friday, November 12, 2004

Yesterday Was Conferences

Not much time for blogging or checking out the news. Not the most pleasant conference day/night I've ever spent, though there were high and low points. In spite of my age, I've only been teaching 6 years probably due to my age, my learning curve has been pretty high based on parent and administration responses. For the past year I've been increasing my knowledge of attending to the challenges of exceptional children, while addressing these issues since the beginning, I'm doing so in a more systematic method.

So what happened? In the past, nearly all parents were positive with the progress of their children and my attention to their adolescents. Last night the parents of the students with the most problems, academically and behaviorally (5), were thrilled with their progress. Most of the parents were pleased (24). Some of those with the most successful students though (3), felt their children were being challenged too much and I wasn't helping them enough with 'issues' of social natures. I'm trying to analyze if these three parents have a legitimate complaint or having consulted/argued with each other, (their girls have been bickering), and are trying to dump their problem on me? While it may be a case of 'you can't please everyone,' I'm concerned that perhaps too much of my energies are being directed to the special needs and gifted students.

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