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Monday, November 29, 2004

Better Late Than Never: Fallujah, US Soldiers, and European Media

Via Davids Medienkritik, I found this post on the Corner, scroll down a bit. In spite of all the criticism of the Iraqis considering us ‘occupiers’, in Fallujah they seemed to be hoping to make things just a bit more comfortable for our soldiers:

MORE ON FALLUJAH [Rich Lowry]E-mail:"Rich, I am also a professor at a military-related institution, and my little brother is an enlisted Marine (a sniper with 1-3) in Fallujah. This weekend he called for the first time since the battle began. He informed us that a large number of the residents of Fallujah, before fleeing the battle, left blankets and bedding for the Marines and Soldiers along with notes thanking the Americans for liberating their city from the terrorists, as well as invitations to the Marines and Soldiers to sleep in their houses. I've yet to see a report in the media of this. Imagine that.

Also from Davids Medienkritik, same post, there is more good news for the US:

The Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk criticized Western media "misinformation" about his country and insisted that Iraqis are looking forward to elections "because they will be useful for national unity." "It is not all death and destruction," explained Archbishop Louis Sako in an interview Tuesday published by AsiaNews. "Much is positive in Iraq today," he said. "Universities are operating, schools are open, people go out onto the streets normally."


"Iraqis are happy to be having elections and are looking forward to them because they will be useful for national unity," he said. "Perhaps not everything will go exactly to plan, but, with time, things will improve. Finally Iraqis will be given the chance to choose. "Why is there so much noise and debate coming out from the West when before, under Saddam, there were no free elections, but no one said a thing?" (...)
Archbishop Sako criticized Europe's absence from the scene. "Europe is absent, it's not out there; the United States is on its own," he said.

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