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Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Alright, I'm a day late and a dollar short. No surprise there. I do hope everyone had as nice a holiday as me and mine. It was a bit hard for my dad, got that anniversary nailed down, would have been 58 years, if my Mom hadn't passed a year ago September. Guess that makes it Thanksgiving, 1946.

I got a letter from my friend in the Ukraine:

My dear family Doh****! Happy holidays . Today all my thoughts with you.I , hope all of you are in a good heath , your house is full of friends and turkey is just delicious .I smell it through the ocean .

I am sorry for Jim , hope now everything is fine and he feels okay. I wish ,I could came tonight for a dinner. Well , some times…

We are okay ! My family send you a good wishes.My country now is in a danger situation. We have a three presidents today, and no one wants to leave . We lastly tray to get a real democracy here but you can imagine how difficult if is 3 millions people now is standing in Kiev at area of freedom and people is coming from all corners of country to a Kiev, bay buses ,cars, trains and plains. 100-200 miles from Kiev a police keeps them , do not let them go to a Kiev.But every day Kiev get more and more people . People standing already 4 days and 4 night.At every town of Ukraine a people is coming together and stand up for a democracy and freedom . I so proud now for my country .

Will see…Ta*** invite me to come at January. After 6 years of philosophy she has a lot of problems with chemistry in North Western, and last 3 months we learn chemistry through the telefon.So , maybe I, will come for a month or two to help her with biology and chemistry .

I do so hope she'll be able to come back to US. Time will tell. Thought it interesting to get her perspective of what is happening there. She lives in Lviv.

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