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Friday, October 22, 2004

What May the DONKS be Planning?

(via Byrd Droppings, http://byrddroppings.typepad.com/byrd_droppings/2004/10/the_october_29t.html )The Right Curmudgeon muses on what might lie ahead on October 29. It's not the GOP that has a history of bringing out 'surprises' at the last minute:

  • In 1992 Bush I had pulled even with Clinton in many polls by the last week of the campaign, but Lawrence Walsh rode to the rescue by unsealing the indictment of Cap Weinberger, Reagan's defense secretary, for Iran-Contra, the Friday before the election.
  • In 2000, of course, Bush II was hit by a thirty-year old DUI arrest. The Democrats have shown so far in this election that they will:
  • Shoot guns at Republican headquarters;
  • Break into and steal computers from Republican headquarters;
  • Invade Republican state headquarters;
  • Steal or deface Republican yard signs;
  • Pay felons to register voters;
  • Pay crack addicts in crack to register voters;
  • Forge National Guard documents and air national news stories based on the forgeries;
  • Out a lesbian, Mary Cheney, just because she happens to be the daughter of a Republican Vice-President;
  • Claim "miracle cures" are on the horizon through stem-cell research, if only Kerry is elected;
  • Demogogue the draft, social security, the War in Iraq, you name it, with shameful misrepresentations and out-and-out lies;

I could go on and on.

What makes you think that they won't drop a bombshell on the Friday before the election again? Obviously, they will. So what will it be? I'm going to make some guesses over the next two weeks.

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