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Friday, October 22, 2004

More On Possible After Election Fallout

WSJ Online has their lead editorial dealing with the awful possibility of what may lie ahead, read the whole thing:

Here we go again. If you thought the aftermath of the 2000 election was messy, this year's Presidential contest may well make Afghanistan's recent vote look like ancient Athens. A major problem--or opportunity, if you're a lawyer--is something called "provisional balloting," as we'll explain below.

Let's first stipulate that both parties plan to fight over votes, and that both sides have some scoundrels who will cheat. But in the run-up to this Election Day, by far most of the accusations and the lawsuits have come from the Democrats. Even before votes are cast, they're accusing state ballot officials of conspiring to deny voters access to the polls.

Newsweek--hardly a Republican organ--reports that nearly every big battleground state "is being hit with a crush of Democratic Party lawsuits charging that the application [of antifraud laws] is arbitrary and unfair." In Florida, Democrats have filed no fewer than 10 suits against GOP officials. In New Mexico, Democrats managed to overturn a token photo ID requirement.

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