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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The MSM, They Wonder Why We Don't Trust Them?

More than half a dozen newspaper companies have received letters from the Securities and Exchange Commission seeking information about their circulation practices as part of an inquiry prompted by disclosures of inflated sales at other chains, people involved in the inquiry said yesterday...

...For the newspaper industry, which has struggled for years with stagnant readership levels, the S.E.C.'s scrutiny has the potential to undermine further the confidence of advertisers and investors, who have driven down the stock prices of several newspaper companies in recent months. But should the commission's inquiry find that the practices of Newsday, Hoy, The Sun-Times and The Morning News were anomalies, the industry might be able to put the circulation scandal behind it.

It's unlikely from anything I've seen that the Sun-Times and The Morning News were anaomalies.

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