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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This Is A Bit Depressing Or Not

Followed a Vodkapundit post, http://vodkapundit.com/archives/006875.php to the above discussion. There is a little something for everyone, but what stood out for me, newbie that I am is the following, towards the end...

Frank J.: Real emotions connect. That's why Whittle is so successful with posting so little.
Michele Catalano: I get slammed for emotional blogging all the time.
Frank J.: Women and their emotions! It drives me crazy!
Michele Catalano: Shut up, Frank.
Frank J.: I haven't cried or smiled in twenty years, like a good man.
Ace: Women do get that. But here's something, Andrew Sullivan is objectively emotional. And yet, if you say so, he implies you're (attacking him for being gay). So what the hell? I can't note that fact, just because it is a stereotype to say a gay man is emotional? He *is* emotional, though.
Bill: I'm not touching that one.
Michele Catalano: I think women who write emotionally get treated different than men who write emotionally. But that's another story.
John Hawkins: Andrew Sullivan is a brilliant, articulate man, but his ideology and core beliefs -- beyond gay marriage -- are shifting sand.
Bill: He is brilliant, perhaps my favorite architect of prose.
Frank J.: Andrew Sullivan drew me in with his smart writing. Now he's wacky and he doesn't realize it.
Ace: He's a smart man. He's also frequently a hysterically strident and emotionally hyperbolic man.
Michele Catalano: Let me ask you all a question. What female bloggers do you read?
Ace: I read
Alarming News. I read Michele.
Bill: A Small Victory.
Frank J.: I don't read other blogs.
Ilkya, Malkin...
Ace: I read... Ilyka, assuming she's a she...
Michele Catalano: @ss kissers.
John Hawkins: You,
Betsy's page, I Love Jet Noise, Right Thinking Girl, Transcended, PoliPundit, Trying To Grok, Wonkette, Michelle Malkin...
Michele Catalano: Betsy's Page is a great blog
Frank J.: There are some good women bloggers like Michele here...
Ace: I think Michele commented that Insty tends to link women only with a sexual subtext...
Bill: Insty and many other popular bloggers are notorious suckers for pixelated poon.
Frank J.: I like women who ad sexy pictures of themselves to their blogs. I think it helps them get out their point.
Bill: All a gal blogger has to do is post a pretty picture and put up a post per week and they'll shoot up the
TLB. I noticed that before I ever started a blog
John Hawkins: I like women who write with a sexual subtext.
Michele Catalano: When I write with a sexual subtext, I get accused of being hypocritical.
Ace: Michele, why? Who says that?
Michele Catalano: I'm going to blog naked tomorrow. And post pictures. And write about sex.
John Hawkins: Then I promise you will be linked by RWN tomorrow =D
Michele Catalano: They say because I slammed Wonkette I shouldn't talk about sex because it makes me a hypocrite. I never use sex for attention except in the case of charity blogging.
John Hawkins: Heheh -- actually I said that, but I'm not going to get back into that whole can of worms because it'll get you mad at me again =D And I'm enjoying you not being mad at me for 5 minutes =D
Michele Catalano: You guys are making me mad...
John Hawkins: See? See! See?
Frank J.: All the ladies like the Frankster!
Ace: Well, I don't know how posting about sex would be hypocritical, then. I assumed someone was annoyed that you were using sex as a weapon as Pat Benatar advised against.
Frank J.: We need more sex weapons...
Michele Catalano: I got your heat seeking missiles right here...
Bill: I use sex to seduce my interview subjects....
John Hawkins: You people are filthy freaks. And on that note, it has been fun!
Michele Catalano: I think he's kicking us out.
Bill: Are you editing this, I hope?
Michele Catalano: Yea, he'll edit and the only thing I'll end up saying is 'sex'.
John Hawkins: Michele: Sex...with...you...guys....fun...fun!
Michele Catalano: HAH
Frank J.: Lol
Michele Catalano: I was naked this whole time!
John Hawkins: That's going in! Thanks everybody!

Are women taken less seriously? I pondered using a gender neutral name, then decided that since I want to write about my kids, my own and my students, it wouldn't be such a great idea. Emotion is not confined to women in the blogosphere either, I've been reading blogs for over three years and have seen Allah come and rant via both text and photos; Bill INDCjournal also gets 'hot' on some issues; Stephen Green can get worked up over Colorado politics, not to mention martinis; the list goes on and on...

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