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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Film I Want to See

I didn't vote for Ronald Reagan, he was too different for me at that point in my life. I did comprehend that he really wanted to change the system. While I had begun to leave behind the liberalism of youth, he scared me. I saw him as a jovial Richard Nixon. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't a bad analogy. In many ways he, like Nixon had a vision of what he wanted the world to look like. I do not think that RR was bothered by RMN's deep thinking on issues or individuals, (Nancy may have been on individuals, though I don't think she made policy decisions). But he did have a very clear idea of where the US should go.

Ronald Reagan did change the world, nowhere as much as in the US. People no longer saw or see Vietnam, welfare, government, conservativism, or liberalism in the same way. I think many of us awoke to the realism that the government wasn't the answer or problem. Lack of clarity and perhaps an overabundance of nuance were at least, part of the problem. Reagan had clarity of vision and a seemingly undauntable amount of confidence. Some of us saw this as evidence of his lack of depth, in actuality I now believe it came from his certainty in his belief in the correctness of his vision.

Ronald Reagan and my mother and my daughter changed my political outlook, I think I may write more on my mother and daughter later, but for now I just want to say I am going to see the film, "In the Face of Evil," reviewed in the above link.

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