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Monday, January 17, 2005

This IS Good News

Via Michele at The Command Post. I wonder how the Iraqis living outside of Iraq, will vote? Will they be more likely to choose Allawi or one of the many others?

Thousands of Iraqi expatriates were expected to register in five US cities today for their homeland’s first independent election in nearly 50 years, with some travelling hundreds of miles to participate in the historic event.

“This is an historic event taking place on American soil,” said Basim Ridha Alhussaini, an Iraqi expatriate responsible for training some 320 election workers in Southern California. “This has never happened before.”

Registration was possible at seven sites in Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago and Washington DC. The seven-day registration period ends on January 23. Voting will begin on January 28 and continue until the January 30 election in Iraq.

Potential voters have to appear in person twice in a two-week period – once to register and again to vote – because of fears of voter fraud. Eligible voters are Iraqi citizens, those entitled to reclaim Iraqi citizenship, or those born to an Iraqi father.

Voters are being asked to pick members of the 275-member Assembly, which will have a one-year mandate. Their responsibilities will include electing a president and two deputy presidents, and drafting Iraq’s Constitution…

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