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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Diplomad On The 'Greatest Threat' To The World

Hint: It's not the French or The 'Axis of Evil'. Oh no, it's the US. This brilliant analysis brought to us by Human Rights Watch and the Diplomad skewers them:


Anything "positive" -- on the rare occasions HRW recognizes any such development -- is the result of brave activists, or lawyers, or the far-seeing HRW, itself. HRW's dominant theme, and it grows more strident by the year under Executive Director Kenneth Roth, is that essentially the US Constitution is a mandatory suicide pact, in fact, Western civilization can only live up to its ideals by committing suicide; and concern over terrorism is just an excuse to deprive poor Third Worlders of their rights, including the right of radial Islamists to emigrate to the West and seek to destroy it.

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