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Friday, January 21, 2005

GW and Me

No linky. I knew this week would be busy, the weekend only slightly less so. Grades due Monday and followed by 'Catholic Schools Week.' Now the later won't mean much to non-parochial school teachers, but for those of us that are, it's fondly called 'hell week.' This is our 'showcase' week, an attempt to gain new students.

Monday grades are due, as noted above. By Friday I have to have a 'collage' of what the students are working on. Now this works fine if teaching younger students, a picture of a saint will do. Now how does one have students encapsulate the 'underpinnings' of democracy? Well yours truly is making them write a one page paper, no more, on one of the Founders/Framers and their contribution to the Constitution. That covers 7th grade.

6th grade, I'm lost. So are they.

8th grade: Write a one page paper on what you think will be issues in 2008 election. If it were today, where would you stand? (Aren't you glad it isn't you)?

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