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Friday, December 17, 2004

Merry Christmas, Emphasis on Christ

There. Anyway. I probably exaggerate a bit, but I spent yesterday at the Mall, and the word "Christmas" was nowhere in sight - except for the signs that detailed the holiday store hours.
They were closed on Christmas, for some peculiar reason.

I don't get it. There's this peculiar fear of Christmas that seems to get stronger every year, as if it's the season that dare not speak its name. Check out the U.S. Postal Service Web site: two different stamps for Kwanzaa. One for Eid, two for Hanukkah. Two for non-sectarian "Holiday," with pictures of Santa, reindeer, ornaments, that sort of thing. One for the Chinese New Year. One for those religiously inclined -- it features a Madonna and Child. But the Web site calls it "Holiday Traditional." The word "Christmas" doesn't appear on the site's description of the stamps. Eid, yes. Hanukkah, yes. Kwanzaa, yes. Christmas? No. It's Holiday Traditional.

On The Bin Laden Tape

How did we get here? See here: http://www.qando.net/details.aspx?Entry=639

Not Low, But High

Oh sheet! The little red smiley man from Word is saying, “You should never dive into murky waters.”

WTF? When did this happen? I always just close him or the paperclip guy. They are now going clairvoyant?
Oh yeah, what I was going to write about, I forget.

Owww, Secret, Secret

No one knows of it, until comes out via the story on Washington Post. Thank you for saving us, WaPo! Gag.

How Many Children Lost A Parent To . . .

Check out the headline: Another Iraq Casualty: Nearly 900 U.S. Kids Lost a Parent in War, Scripps Finds

How many children have been effected by the death of a parent? How many by the abandonment of a parent? How many 'virtually' by overworking parents?

Ok, Only 2 Days Left

I screwed up. I posted all over these awards, but forgot to post here. My favorite is Hog On Ice, weird though he may be. Also threw in at least one nomination of Carnival of Recipes, but that's me. Many of you probably hit other food sites, go ahead and vote!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah! And A Happy New Year!

I want to thank all of you that have emailed me, most directed from 2Slick’s site. I’ve been overwhelmed, at a week in time when things are crazy to begin with. Geez, I’ve been hoping someone would notice my blog; never thinking such a great milblogger would do so. I believe I’ve answered all, if somehow I missed you, let me know.

I have cobwebs in a couple corners! Literally. I’m having Christmas here, at my humble and I do mean humble, abode. Yesterday I cut out of school early, thanks to the art teacher for dismissing my kids, to pick up my son at the university. Got home about 1:45am, woke up at 7:20. No shower, out the door at 7:30, skipped the teacher’s party after 11am dismissal.

Met a friend for lunch and here I am. Tomorrow and Sunday will complete shopping. Mon. and Tues. will try to deconstruct the cobwebs and obvious dirt. Will invest in candles, as everything
looks good in candlelight! Wednesday will finish laundry and wrapping. Thursday is grocery shopping. Friday is cooking and precooking and Christmas Eve dinner. Midnight Mass. “For unto you a Savior is born. . .” (Reason for the season!)

My site is still ‘developing’ in the sense that I’m a teacher, with a passion for history, including that which is being made. My first thoughts are that we are living through a fundamental change in the order, but are too close and involved to see what it’s all about. I keep wondering if I should be posting more
education stuff, but it seems that many more qualified than I are at it. Obviously there are those with brighter minds than mine looking at the political side of things, but I feel the need to throw my two cents worth in.

With that said, my two cents for the next week or so will be hit or miss. Family and mental health come first. I get up early and tend to go to bed late, so I presume I’ll get more than a post or two up, but not at the expense of what needs to be done around this mess I call home. I plan on more gossip time with my ‘kids’ who are now emerging adults. What a cool time!

Talk about times that would try men’s, (a woman’s) soul. . . Had a great 3+ hour ride with the teacher’s daughter last night. She’s 23 and an emerging wildflower. No wilting/hothouse rose here, more like a cat o’ninetails. Seems I’m not the ‘controller’ she thought I was when she was in high school. Of course, that is in comparison to the men since. She has a great head on her shoulders; glad she is putting it all in perspective. I do believe she is about to get a heave ho to someone who is trying to ‘tame’ her into something not right for her.There is more to be written, but not right now. Just want to thank my regular and ~crossing fingers~new readers that might have joined. I wish to thank 2Slick again, for sending so many new hits my way.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bin Laden and Another Tape

Guess what? He still doesn't like the Saudi regime.

On Kofi, the Iraqi Trials, and Regulating the Internet

You may find it hard to see the connectedness, but Roger L. Simon does it well.

Why is the administration having such a hard time coming out and saying Kofi should go? The UN as a whole?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Please Feel Free to Look Around

All of you from 2Slick's site, I'm overwhelmed! He's great and I thank him. Funny, it's been the milbloggers that have been the most supportive of my site. I'm glad I teach social studies and think Right.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

News Blackout On Parts of Oil-for-Food? Sounds Right

I've been noticing these same things, thought I was nuts. Shows what I know.

Didn't get home until after 11pm. Christmas program, went well but my back is out. I know, I sound like Spoons, but believe me not as bad. I spent 10 days in traction, under the influence of the best drugs money could buy back in 1987. 2 herniated discs. They threatened surgery if happened again, I’m more careful now. Just uncomfortable and need some rest. Friday, 11am I am free until 1/3! (Well except for shopping, cleaning, and cooking.)
Off to bed.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Found A New Blog

There are good reasons for reading the comments sections of some blogs, at INDC Journal I found this site. I really like the linked post on Russia demographic trends:

...Russian men today have a life expectancy of just 59 years, down from 64 years in 1990. Between 1992 and 2002, Russia’s population fell from 149 million to 144 million. Russian projections of a "worst case scenario" show that the population could decline to around 100 million by 2050, less than the current population of Pakistan. By contrast, the U.S. population is expected to increase to 396 million by 2050.

Murray Feshbach, a professor at Georgetown University and a former branch chief at the U.S. Bureau of the Census, is an expert in Russian demographics. He notes that the catastrophe facing Russia has no historical precedent. Here are some of his conclusions: Read the whole thing!

Homeless In Britain

380k 'hidden' homeless out of 500k total? Why is this reminding me of the Lancet 'report'?

Chrenkoff On Good News-Afghanistan

I do look forward to these reports.

Must Read

On China and a fair comparison with the Meiji Revolution/Restoration in 19th C Japan, which certainly contributed to 2 world wars.

Are They Surprised That We Shrug Them Off?

Gee we didn't know that Europe doesn't like GW and now the Americans that elected him. I think it interesting that either the polling companies rarely ask the same of Americans or don't report the findings. This is the most relevant comparison link I could find and it’s from 2003.

Update: I knew it wouldn’t take long to find something that might explain why the Europeans feel the way that they do. I think this is called yellow journalism.

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