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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Time to Get Writing

I’ve been encouraging you, my readers to participate in SlaughterRock’s letter campaign. My students have joined in. I thought you might enjoy one of theirs:

December 2004

Patriot’s Poem

Dear American Patriot,

I am sorry for your mishaps, your problems, and your doubts,
I hope this poem shows you what life is all about.
From us here in Chicago, to the people in Bel-Aire,
We wish you luck in the Marines or if you are in the air.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and other holidays too,
I hope you know we think of you every day, not two.
I think you are courageous and good within the heart,
America is a big family, of which you are an important part.

I hope you know I am thankful for all of your hard work,
For sure I will know who you are with a red, white, and blue shirt.
You are in this poem, which is a work of art,
I know you were loyal all, right from the start.

I believe in many things, even Santa Claus,
I hope you will make it home and get through every cause.
It is a good thing that you make it through day and through night,
I know you will be skilled in any way you fight.

This is the end of my poem that is full of rhymes,
I want to see you make it home; I can’t wait for that time.

Seventh Grade Student

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