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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Time of Thankfulness

This is probably going to be posted on Monday, as Blogger seems to be down, (well maybe I'm lucky!). I had a wonderful day, attending my daughter’s performance in Concert Choir at her university. Along with 15 close friends and family, we had a celebratory dinner afterwards. Really helped to get in the Christmas spirit.

Others are paying the price for those of us lucky enough to be with our families over the holidays, it’s what they do, but a bit of gratitude is also due.
2Slick links to SgtLizzy, who was wounded in an IED attack. Luckily she is recovering, her driver was much less fortunate, say a prayer for both. Drop Lizzy a comment, while she is getting deluged with emails right now no reason not to let her know we are reading.

Small Town Veteran has a post linking to SlagleRock’s Slaughterhouse, asking for blogosphere’s help in writing general letters to the military, that can be printed and carried by hand to folks over there. Seems he has a friend deploying on Christmas Eve, leaving behind his wife, new baby, and three other children. Writing a letter shouldn’t take all that long. . .

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