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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Life Is Not All Politics, Education, and Family

There is food! Glorious food! I admit to being addicted to Hog On Ice, almost to the point of obsession. I am attempting to make the Timpano for Christmas Eve. Arrrrgg. One of my future visits to Florida I’m sure to be arrested, trying to find the Man Camp! If I do manage to procure a teaching position down there, well let’s just say I will be included or some people are going to have to move. I mean the idea of men doing the cooking and OMG, I’m unsure who does the cleaning up. Hmm, maybe this plan needs work. . .

Then there is the
Carnival of Recipes. Oh lord! Now it’s a bit difficult to follow, as the site hosting keeps changing. I keep hoping it would find a permanent blog home. Ah well, I keep finding the links.
Well today I found while grazing at Hog site, this link I posted in title. Ah man, gotta get in on this. Not for my site, I follow others recipes, but in nominations!

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