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Friday, December 10, 2004

Peace to All That Complete the Journey

Best of the Web has a obit, that can’t help but remind me of the bravery and inspiration of the Anchoress’ beloved brother, S…

From Best of the Web:

Brudnoy had been sick on and off with AIDS and cancer since 1994, "often breaking free from the clutches of death to return to the airwaves, to BU, and to his favored Starbucks on Newbury Street in what seemed a matter of weeks." The Globe's description of his on-air style gets it just right:

In an age of radio hosts who try to achieve high ratings by slinging brutal insults against public officials and athletes, Brudnoy has always stood a world apart. A self-described libertarian, he appears as consumed by curiosity as by opinion. He is the rare host who reads the books of his author-guests. And he sheaths his most pointed questions to politicians in politesse.

WBZ Web site has more on Brudnoy, including an interview with him yesterday conducted by WBZ anchorman Gary LaPierre.

We met Brudnoy twice, both when we were a guest on his show. In 2002 we took a break from a vacation to join him in his Boston studio for an hour to discuss current events, especially the impending liberation of Iraq. One point of disagreement was the French: We maintained they would eventually cave in and go along with America; he was much more skeptical, and of course he turned out to be right.

On the 'brother of the Anchoress:

. . .Now, some would think that sitting beside the hospice bed of a formerly strong, beautiful man who now weighs 68 lbs and is fighting like a braw and bonny warrior to live just a while longer, I would find nothing else in the world of comparable sadness. They would be wrong. Your column is surely the spiritual match to the physical agony my brother is enduring. While S might lose his contest of the flesh, though, he will certainly prevail in the spirit, and this gives us cause for hope, and even for a sort of joy. . .

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