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Sunday, December 26, 2004

And A Happy New Year, Back to the News

Found this via Instapundit. The article from Strategypage is also a must read. Now back to the Belmont post; this is a problem for any middle school or high school teacher, what to ‘share’ and what to ‘protect’ students from. Obviously the brighter students already are reading the paper and know this information, so we are talking about average and below. Is it our job to ‘awaken them’? If so, to what degree when they may be disturbed by the information?

Again, thank you for the well wishes, I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all did also. My back is better and my toe is no longer causing me to limp, though my foot is mult-hued!

I do have some interesting stories on the kid side, but still deciding if I should write about them.

My favorite gifts: My three children got together and gave me a massage, haircut, and facial to the most luxurious locale available. Can’t figure out if they are trying to have me relax or trying to get me a date. My dad gave me a generous gift card to the grill/bar frequented by my teacher friends and yours truly. What a family!

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