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Monday, December 20, 2004

Check This Out, Local Superstation

Husband and wife team. Their son already served in Iraq and is returning in January. The other day I realized that in Chicago area we have a mayor's son; a prominent radio personality couple's son; I don't know how many of my students' fathers, brothers, sisters; and my own children's friends serving in a war situation. God bless them all.

Maybe some readers will get this. I was a bit too young to know many Vietnam Vets. Ok, a real close fella I went to the jr. college with offed himself on drugs, but he was 6 years older than I, when I was in my early 20's. I hugged his mom and gave generously to the rehab charity that was designated.

For the Gulf War, I donated and sent many letters about their 'mysterious disease' that seems to be linked to chemical warfare. I wrote letters about the real correlations between service and illness. Shouldn't have been necessary, but seems it was.

This war, this war on terror...more like the world wars of old. Hey, while personally poor, I was raised in an affluent area. I teach and live in an affluent area. As of today, I know at least 12 folk, personally or through others that are in harm's way. Guess what guys, we ARE at war. If I and mine know them, we are really at war. This is not a 'poor man's war' but an everyman's war.

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