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Friday, November 19, 2004

Happy Friday!

The two sons coming home for the holiday today! Lots of cleaning and cooking to do this week. My dad is happy, they bring activity, friends, and laughter into our quiet home. I know the dad is going to need some diversion, Thanksgiving would have been 58th Wedding Anniversary.

While I have my chores, not to mention finishing up on the institute for Friday, I am making list(s) for the kids. The younger, no fool is he, is working full time next week at Border's beginning Monday. His boss is begging him to come home weekends, but finals are coming up. The older is set for Christmas work, but no luck for this week, (Thank you, God!) Cleaning carpets, putting outdoor lights up, and tree are on the agenda. Daughter will come in Wednesday, filling the house with song.

Going to be a busy time, posting is going to be lighter. Final for grad class due 12/9. First institute next Wednesday. Hmmm, don't think I've gone out the evening before Thanksgiving since I was 24, time to revive that tradition.

The students will begin going batty this coming week, one is already off to FL. Three will be leaving for Europe in the next two and a half weeks. Heck, I just remembered that the second grade 'buddies' for my seventh graders are spending over an hour in my room today making pilgrim and Native American centerpieces out of toilet paper rolls, (don't ask). Egads, got to find the aspirin.

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