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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some Writing Is Due

Yes, a teacher assigned paper due ASAP! Black5 has gotten ahold of some correspondence, that has a perfect authentic assessment project attached. You must click above for the details, but here is the meat of the paper:

I think they crossed the line on this one, not on going with the initial story, but taking it far over the line by giving access to all that tape to the world and our enemies in time of war. If that is the way they feel they need to operate, move the damn corporate offices to Syria--tomorrow! To say that I am outraged doesn't begin to communicate the way I feel about these low life SOBs using one of our Marines this way. I for one am going to sizzle their worthless corporate asses with as blistering a message as I can write and to every member of the congressional delegation and rest of the media anyone else who will listen. I urge everyone who share this view to do likewise and with a vengence. And I would go after every corporate advertiser and anyone else that can hit them in the only place they understand--in their bottom line.

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