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Friday, October 15, 2004

Bush Won Last Debate and A Half

I volunteered for GW in the 2000 election and have done so again. With that as a given, let me say up front, I was not impressed with the administration from January through the beginning of September, 2001. I should not have been surprised, he ran as a domestic president, 'no nation building' and such from him. It's also true that the bizarre election of 2000, cut into the preparation time for the new team. Whatever the reasons, 9/11 was the catalast for an abrupt change in how the executive branch conducted itself from that point forward.

It appears the MSM forgot that GW ran as a domestic, if not isolationist candidate in 2000, it should not come as a surprise that in the last debate and a half he broke through on the domestic issues. Conventional wisdom had the domestic points going to Kerry, but it was GW that had the issues/concerns of the middle class, most fully developed.

I believe that GW will win the election in a few weeks, what is surprising is that it may well be as much for the domestic portions of the debate, as it will be for the national security issues.

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