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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Iran to Continue Enrichment

AP seems to think that this might "deepen an international dispute over Iran's nuclear activities. " I wonder if this might cause the UN to write a 'very angry letter?'

Here's a bit of what the mullahs had to rant:

Shouts of "Death to America!" rang out in the conservative-dominated parliament after lawmakers voted to advance the nation's nuclear program, an issue of national pride that provides a rare point of agreement between conservatives and reformers.

Washington has pushed hard for Iran to drop its nuclear program, which Tehran maintains is for peaceful energy purposes. The U.N. nuclear watchdog is also trying to persuade Iran to limit its nuclear activities.
The United States, which has secured some support from European nations, accuses Iran of trying to build nuclear weapons.

Parliament speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel called the vote a message to the world.
"The message of the absolute vote for the Iranian nation is that the parliament supports national interests," he said. "And the message for the outside world is that the parliament won't give in to coercion."

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