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Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Good Guy, A Mensch

I don't believe the President of the United States necessarily needs to be a 'regular guy' or even a traditional nice guy, but there must be a core. I'm glad Bush's core happens to be nice:

This is an excerpt from the email I received from the mom of Molly Kate Wilkinson, the girl I wrote about earlier today. The following words were offered in addition to the story posted at Betsy's Page in early September about her meeting with President Bush:

These were kids that have obvious mental, physical, and emotional challenges. George W. Bush understood that having media there would have caused confusion and anxiety for these kids. He continually asked his Secret Service agents to "stand back" and "leave this kids alone, please!" when they were crawling all over him. At one point, he was holding a small tot, who was wailing away with no intention of stopping.

President Bush looked at us all and said, "Well, he sounds just like my colleagues in Congress!"He treated my own daughter with unbelievable patience and concern. She spent several minutes with him, telling him about our son, a US Marine stationed overseas. He stopped, looked her right in the eye and said, "You tell your brother that I said to tell him that I am grateful to him for his service and that he has a great little sister".

Sharing this story with others who do not get the chance to observe, first-hand, the compassion and quiet dignity this man has, is a way I can help with President's Bush re-election. To me, all the issues are important, a man who behaves with integrity when no one is watching is a quality I value most. Additional accounts of Molly Kate's story can be found
here and here.

The September posting mentioned above, from Betsy's Page, http://betsyspage.blogspot.com/2004/09/reader-sent-me-story-about-when-she.html
provides another illustration of Bush's natural inclination of behaving well:

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
A reader sent me a story about when she went to the White House for a charity event involving children to meet privately with the President. She wrote me of the wonderful way he was with the children, pausing to talk with and hug each one. This is her description.
While at the White House, I spoke with several media types that have coordinated with both current and the previous Clinton administrations. I had a long conversation with a media guy who had also worked with the Clintons during their eight years. He was young, aggressive, Democratic, and did some work for the current administration. He said, at first, he was unrelenting in his disdain for Bush...that he was a "loyal" Democrat. But, after working with Bush on and off, for the past 4 years, he absolutely "loved" the President and that working with the Clintons was "hell"...they were both demanding, rude, arrogant, paranoid people, who were late for everything. He said that President Bush was a "good, decent man, who respectseveryone he works with".Another thing. This event could have been pure positive PR heaven for the President, given the nature of the organization and the people it represents. But he insisted on it remaining private with no cameras, media, etc...it wasn't even on his daily agenda. He offered himself extensively to the people involved who wished to meet him and talk with him. He continually told the Secret Service to "stand back", so we could have close access to him.This young Democrat said that if it would have been the Clintons, they would have exploited the event, had the media all over it, refused to pose for pictures, etc., and then been a couple of hours late anyway. And, he went on to tell me, everyone who worked with President Bush on a daily basis pretty much felt the same way as he.

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