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Monday, February 07, 2005

Mainz Germany Is Where President Bush Will Visit

Doesn't look like friendly confines. At the Medienkritik site, there are pictures and coverage of a parade that is very anti-American in tone. There is a call to action at the bottom of the post, but first you must visit!

UPDATE: HEY USA! This is what the city of Mainz, Germany (the city that will host President Bush in two weeks) thinks of you. CLICK HERE.

Davids Medienkritik encourages all Americans to email all of their elected representatives with a link to this article:


If you would like to contact the city of Mainz, Germany with your opinion, email the Mainz Office for Public Relations at: mainz.online@stadt.mainz.de

HERE is a webpage with further contact info for Mainz, Germany.

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