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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Diplomad on Cuba and the EU

This is just the introduction:

Showing that all those gusano accounts of his murderous disposition are just CIA fabrications, Cuba's benevolent lider maximo Fidel Castro will forgive the EU, the world's sole remaining
supersoftmarshmellow power. Despite their sins against him, he has decided that he will allow Europeans to continue to give him aid, remain the regime's major trading partner ($2.1 billion in two-way trade, or 40% of Cuba's total foreign trade is with the EU) and host cocktail parties at their embassies in La Habana. He has forgiven them for forcing him in July 2003 to say the
following, as reported by the ever-so-delicate German DW wire service,

Castro [called the EU] the "Trojan Horse" of the United States and stated that Cuba no longer needed EU funds to survive <...> this bold remark follows weeks of verbal tirades, with Castro taking on Europe collectively and European leaders individually. <...> Directing his ire at
Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, one of the most vocal of the EU leaders in calling for sanctions, Castro said: "From a political and moral point of view, Aznar is a coward," and likened him to Adolf Hitler, calling him "the little Führer with the moustache." Italy came next. Current EU president and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was branded a "fascist", "bandit" and "a clown" after Italy cut off Euro 40 million in aid.

And, last but not least, British Prime Minister Tony Blair was attacked for leading the U.K. into a war with Iraq, and he was personally held responsible by Castro for his role in the death of scientist David Kelly, the biological weapons expert who committed suicide <...>

When I saw the above, I knew I had to run over to Val’s site and see what he had on. While I didn’t see the same information, he had plenty of postings on why Fidel remains an enemy of the US.

There are times, too many in the past 20 years or so, that one must just shake one’s head in wonder at the Europeans.

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