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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Were All Votes Equal?

I'm becoming convinced I'm a masochist at heart. After reading the above post, I just had to google "Count every vote." What do I find? An article that quotes from Noam Chomsky! Sheesh!

I wouldn’t bother reading the whole article, though you definitely want to read Michelle’s.

...In the course of his very rich article, "The Non-Election of 2004" (Z Magazine, Jan., 2005), Noam Chomsky sought to minimize the importance of the fact that the 2004 presidential election was stolen. And if there is still any doubt in the anti-Bush camp that this past election was stolen, it is - in my view - chiefly because most opinion formers (including writers in the "New York Times", the "Nation" and the "Village Voice") have (mis)understood "stealing" on the model of robbing a bank, where someone has to catch the winning candidate piling boxes of unopened ballots into the back of his pick-up truck before one can say it has occurred. Stealing an election, however, is more like stacking a deck of cards where a devious sleight of hand ensures that the same party wins every time...

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