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Thursday, January 06, 2005

On Darfur, Must Read

Anyone who’s been reading my drivel for any time knows that Eddie and I are good friends. Early this morning he wrote me a preview of a Weekly Standard article, looking like he was being published. He was! (see headline link).

I know of no one who has worried or written more about the genocide being committed there. He cares passionately and he really pulls it together in this article.

Glenn Reynolds noticed.

Interesting isn’t it? Those that have chosen to protect our country seem willing to serve not only where they are already being sent, but want to help others in need also. We owe all of them so much.
Check out Eddie’s site, which he doesn’t update often enough, (ahem!) I think part of the problem is he thinks he has not much to say, except about movies and music. He’s wrong, but I’ll work on that!

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