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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Diplomad Has A Few Words For the Lefties and The UN

As he points out, he's been there and seen what is happening on the ground. The left hasn't. This is so good, that I am quoting more than usual:


"The UNocrats know that young Aussies and Yanks have shown them up as the fakes the UNocrats are. That makes them furious; it makes them lash out at us and our friends. They call us names ("stingy"); sniff about our alleged mistakes ("you fed some people twice"); and complain that we won't take their instruction ("you should wear blue vests.") When all else fails, they try to take credit for what Australian and American taxpayers and their military and diplomatic services have done -- yes, indeed, a word of praise for the State Department, which responded superbly.

Some lefties have the nerve to rationalize UN ineptness by stating, "Well, the UN doesn't have aircraft carriers and fleets of helicopters." Please note: Had the lefties had their way, the USA wouldn't have any either. OK, the UN doesn't have aircraft carriers, but doesn't it have access to international airlines and merchant ships? The Diplomad must assume that all the first class seats were taken by the likes of The Queen of the High Priest Vulture Elite UNICEF Director Carol Bellamy, who flew out for a brief disaster tour and a long press conference. The cargo space probably went to the Land Cruisers and the Mercedes sedans. Hey, priorities are priorities; we'll provide ourselves the luxury cars, the Yanks and the Aussies will provide food to the hungry . . . .

The UN's performance in this disaster has been a disgrace of epic proportions; it's vastly overfunded and overstaffed agencies, allegedly established to deal with precisely this type of event, are MIA. We are now in day 16 (DAY 16!) of the crisis, and the UN is still not ready to act. It is no wonder affected countries want to deal with the US and not the UN. At a minimum, the UN owes the world an apology; the entire upper echelon of the UN and its bloated agencies should resign.

But The Diplomad is kind and forgiving. We say to our lefty "friends" if you genuinely believe in the UN, now's your chance to put your filthy lucre where your pie hole is. Please respond generously to the UN Sec-Gen's Humanitarian Appeal, known as the "Consolidated Appeals Process," or CAP. Give the UN your money. See where it goes. Where, you ask? Hey, Lefty, don't take The Diplomad's word that it will be wasted, go and see what the UN is asking and for what. Go to the Overview page and see what the UN lists as its pre-tsunami priorities and then go to the Funding page and see who is the biggest donor by far. Surprise! The number one priority, well ahead of caring for suffering tens-of-millions of Africans is UNRWA! Number one overall donor, well ahead of the EU, is the "stingy" USA! And remember, despite attempts in the next chart to minimize the US contribution, the US provision of aircraft carriers, helicopters, C-130s, and troops to peacekeeping and other humanitarian operations is not included in that chart."


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