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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

David's Medienkritik Looking For A Bit of Assistance

As many of you know, no large German blog sites exist that could have helped us reach the point that we are at today. We want to change that. How? By founding a major new media-critical German-language blog site and using our influence to promote it. That is our goal for 2005: We want a blog as successful as Davids Medienkritik in German!

We Need Your Help

Logistically, David and I have what it takes to get a blog site up and running. So what do we really need? First, we need to promote this new site in the mainstream German-language press to gain a significant German-speaking audience. Davids Medienkritik will throw its full weight behind the project in terms of promotion, but it is imperative that everyone interested in seeing this new blog succeed donate what you can now to help us advertise our new blog.

Join Us

If you feel that you have what it takes to be a good German-language blogger on our site, don’t hesitate to email us. If you can help us translating English to German, we may also be able to put you to good use on our new site. Let us know!

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