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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What Did the Dutch Do to the Extreme Islamicists?

I guess the 'live and let live' philosophy still needs to be tweaked?

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - Three Dutch police have been injured after a hand grenade exploded in a raid to arrest suspects in an ongoing anti-terrorism investigation, justice officials say.

Officials declined to say whether the operation, which was continuing with suspects still in a building cordoned off by police in the Dutch seat of government, was linked to the murder last week of a filmmaker by a suspected Islamist extremist.

"On the request of criminal investigation branch, an arrest team this morning at 02:45 (1:45 a.m. British time) tried to arrest suspects in an ongoing probe by the crime squad into terrorism," chief justice official Han Moraal told a news conference on Wednesday.

Moraal said three police officers were injured when a hand grenade was thrown at them. Shots were also fired, he said. An unspecified number of suspects were still in the building.

Two of the injured officers were in hospital while one had been allowed to go home, police said.

The raid recalled a police operation in Madrid in April when three suspects in the March train bombings blew themselves up after police cornered them in a suburban apartment. A policeman also died and 11 people were injured.

Dutch police have arrested 10 people in their investigation into the killing of film director Theo van Gogh last week and are still holding six, including the prime suspect Mohammed B., who has been charged with murder and suspected links to a terrorist group.

The Netherlands has seen a series of apparent tit-for-tat attacks since Van Gogh's murder, including an arson attack on a Muslim school on Tuesday night, where the words "Theo R.I.P." were scrawled on the walls along with a "White Power" sign.

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