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Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Bit About Me

I am a mom. I have a 23 year old daughter, a music major. She has a terrific boyfriend, who we all like very much. He's working on his Master's in something with computers, while she sings opera. I also have a 21 year old son, who had planned on teaching English, until he realized he hated teaching. He will now earn his degree in English, with a minor in business, (kids are quirky). My youngest just entered the university. His current plan is law enforcement, hopefully Secret Service or FBI. Then again, he might go into architecture.

I am a daughter. My mother passed away September 28, 2003. My dad and mom had come up from Florida to Chicago area in June 2000, for my youngest son's 8th grade graduation. Her health had been precarious from 1993, but during this trip she fell and broke her hip. After that, my brother and I decided they should not return to Florida and she went through rehab and moved into his home. Then after a couple strokes and another hip fracture, my parents moved in with me, 24 hour nurse, hospice care, and all. The last year, we had to put her in a nursing home, it was a 'good one,' but she didn't like it. My dad is 84 and living with me. This past August, he had a pacemaker put in. He may need dialysis. The money he had, went to care for my mom. Her last 3 years cost over $325k. Thank god my brother and I do get along and have no desire to see what will be left, which would be pitiful. We'll take care of my dad. But I'm single and have to work, the dad wants to stay with me, dilemmas.

I am a teacher. I have degrees in history, sociology, and political science. I am also 'endorsed' by the State of Illinois to teach geography, journalism, and middle school language arts. I am currently teaching Middle School Social Studies and 8th grade reading in a parochial school. I am actively looking for a high school social studies teaching position in the public schools.

I am a student. I'm about half way through my Master's in Administration in Education, (MS), with an emphasis on differentiated education.

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